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07 February 2017
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Fast deployment can save lives - From war zones, to disaster zones, to remote environmental monitoring stations, Aluma Tower goes where its customers go.


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       The wireless communications industry is not one typically associated with saving lives, but Aluma Tower operates differently. Creators of portable, mobile aluminum tower systems, Aluma Tower brings wireless communications to places that need it most. Think war zones and communities wrecked by natural disaster, environments where the difference between access to wireless communication and isolation could be the difference between life and death. That is precisely the kind of situation Aluma Towers shines in.
“We design and manufacture a telescopic aluminum tower trailer shelter system used for wireless or mobile communications, emergency communications, environmental monitoring and other high tech communications,” said President and general manager Angela Ledford.

       “We are also able to provide a big number of services associated with our systems, said vice president of marketing and business development, Ricardo Amaral. “Those services can be from training to deployment and more.” Aluma Tower currently touts the quickest deployed tower on the market, according to Amaral. The majority of its systems are designed to be deployed in under 15 minutes. “That’s very unique to our systems. Our competitors do not have that same capability. Their times are way above the half-hour mark,” Amaral said. “In an emergency or in the middle of a battlefield, the time saved may save lives.”

       The company is also in the business of customization. One of the things that makes Aluma Tower stand out above the crowd is its willingness to meet challenges and specifications set forth by their customers. “We pride ourselves on being able to meet special requirements,” Amaral added. “Custom usually comes with a price tag. That’s not the case at Aluma. We tailor our systems without charging exorbitant custom fees.”

       With 40-plus years of experience, Aluma Tower’s systems are government tested and trusted. Two years ago, the company received its ISO certification, meeting standards that show the manufacturing of its units are reliable and replicable.

       Going forward, the company aims to grow sales outside of government and U.S.-based sales to increase its international footprint. “We’re putting one of our units through an even more rigorous government test in the first quarter of 2017,” Ledford said. “That will open up opportunity for more high volume orders.” Amaral noted that Aluma Tower is also seeking to grow its channel program and increase the number of resellers it works with to gain access to customers they would otherwise not have exposure to. As part of its channel efforts, Aluma Tower partners with TESSCO, one of the largest value-added suppliers of wireless communications. “We’re the sole provider of mobile communication towers with TESSCO.” The company also partners with NASPO Value Point, which gets Aluma Tower in front of potential municipality customers in all 50 states.

       “We’re looking to the future without forgetting where we come from. We’re increasing our footprint worldwide, at the same time taking care of our base customers, Amaral went on to say.”

       Where did Aluma Tower come from? Founded in 1969 and incorporated in 1985, Aluma Tower is a family owned and operated business. It’s located on Florida’s Treasure Coast in Vero Beach and currently employees approximately 40 people between its two facilities. At first, Aluma’s towers were engineered to improve television signal. In the 1970’s, a reseller stopped buy with a request to have a tower installed on his van. Already dedicated to customization, the company stepped up to the challenge and delivered. The mobile antenna led to the creation of a 10-meter tower deployed all over the U.S. and the world. To date, that antenna is one of the company’s best-selling products in its history.

       Aluma Tower continued to evolve with wireless technology, staying on the cutting edge of 3G, 4G and now 5G communications as each hit the market. In 2008, the company broke the record for manufacturing the highest tower without the need to be supported by guy wires. The tower stood at 106-feet tall. “We were the first to be able to do this,” Amaral said with a smile. “Some of our biggest competitors are still fighting to go above that mark.” The company also holds the distinction of having the lightest tower available on the market today, weighing in at around
two-thirds less than a typical tower constructed of steel.

       Keeping business close to home is also a company priority. The majority of the company’s strategic suppliers for materials are located in Florida. “We source locally and keep business local when we can,” Ledford said.

       Much of the material Aluma Tower uses, and manufacturing that is outsourced, all happens within a 60-mile radius of the company’s Vero Beach home. We maintain a great relationship with our suppliers and consider them strategic partners. Southeastern Power Products and Indian River Trailers are two great examples that highlight the importance of the collaborative approach we take with our partners. Southeastern Power Products provides all of the diesel generators that we use in our mobile systems. And Indian River Trailers is a key supplier of many of the trailers that we use for our trailer mounted systems. Both companies provide “Best in Class” products that are specifically tailored to meet the exact requirements of the application. They also design and manufacture all of their products right here in their own facilities. We have been working with both companies for many years and certainly recognize our partnership with them as one of the components that is responsible for driving our growth.

       Above all else, Aluma Tower aims to hold true to its family values known for keeping its team intact. The company’s turnover rate is very low, with some employees having been with Aluma Tower for 20- or 30-plus years. “It’s the people here that make it happen. The people that bend the metal and push the product out the door on a regular basis,” Amaral said.

       From war zones, to disaster zones, to remote environmental monitoring stations, Aluma Tower goes where its customers go. They are dedicated to being the source of communication where others cannot. With a solid history and optimistic future, it looks like they will continue to pioneer their industry for years to come.





Angela Ledford - President and General Manager

Angela (Ang) joined Aluma Tower Company in 2014. Prior to joining Aluma, Ang held numerous leadership and executive positions in the telecommunications infrastructure industry spanning operations, product design and development, manufacturing, sales and marketing, human resources, customer service, and IT.
During her 20+ year career, Ang’s business success is attributed to two primary objectives; first, drive 100% customer satisfaction by developing quality products at a competitive price with on-time delivery; second, offer continuous efforts to streamline and optimize company resources and processes in order to obtain optimal profitability for the company’s shareholders.
Ang holds an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management, a Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunications Management from DeVry Institute of Technology, where she graduated Magna cum laude, a Project Management Certification from Villanova University, as well as numerous technical certifications


David Pascale - Vice President Finance

David is the company’s Controller and principal accounting officer. David is responsible for “day-to-day” accounting operations, including financial statement preparation and analysis. Dave also assists the President/GM with cash management, budgeting, and strategic financial planning. David has held a variety of positions as a Controller and Chief Financial Officer in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, including positions as the Controller for a publicly-held finance company and Chief Financial Officer for a human services agency. David is a certified public accountant (Regulated by the State of New York) and holds an advanced degree in management from the College of Saint Rose.


John Hall - Vice President of Operations

John joined Aluma in March 2016. Prior to joining Aluma, John’s 20+ year career in the Marine Industry included positions in Operations Management, Production Management, Customer Service, Business Process/ Quality Management, and ERP Implementation. John attributes his accomplishments to utilization of a fact-based, process-oriented approach towards reaching goals in support of customer satisfaction and organizational objectives.In his current role, John will lead the operations team towards more efficient and streamlined processes. These efforts will include the implementation phase of Lean methodology and full utilization of the company’s ERP/MRP system. By working closely with the entire Aluma team, John will ensure that quality, safety, efficiency, and on-time delivery are achieved.



Shane Mullan - Vice President Global SalesJohn Hall - Vice President of Operations

Shane joined Aluma Tower Company in 2006. Shane began his journey with Aluma as a welder/fabricator and quickly rose through the ranks as Shop Lead and Production Manager. As Production Manager, Shane was successful in reducing overtime by improving workflow and implementing proven work procedures on the production floor. Since taking on his current role in 2015, Shane has been able to leverage his vast knowledge of the products to become an important element of Aluma’s leadership team. He has assisted in the development of new products such as Aluma’s skid system and is continuously searching for new potential verticals. His current focus is on the growth of the business through increased sales, while maintaining quality, efficiency, and on-time delivery. Shane holds his AAS of Business Administration and Management from Indian River State College and a Master Welder Certification from Tulsa Welding School in Jacksonville, FL




Ricardo Amaral - Vice President Marketing and Business Development

Ricardo joined Aluma Tower Company in 2010 as Director of Marketing and was promoted to VP of Sales and Marketing in 2012. Prior to joining Aluma, Ricardo held several leadership positions in the hospitality and entertainment industry with management roles in operations, product development, marketing, customer service, crisis management, and IT. During his 15+ year career, Ricardo’s business success is attributed to delivering personal customer service during every phase of the product lifecycle. Ricardo is an expert at branding and transforming and continues to be a force in innovation at Aluma. Since joining Aluma, Ricardo has implemented a successful sales and marketing methodology, which has helped the company successfully process more than 550 diverse projects, meeting his sales objectives time-after-time. In 2015, Ricardo leaded the company to achieve its best sales year in its organizational history. In 2014, Ricardo focused on driving operational excellence and prepared Aluma’s team to automate core systems, reduce costs, and optimize resources. Ricardo holds a Master of Science degree from the University of Central Florida, Nicholson School of Communications and a Bachelor of Science in Advertising and Marketing from University of Central Maranhão – Brazil, where he graduated Magna cum Laude. Ricardo is fluent in four languages (Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Italian) and holds numerous management and technical certifications.





Craig Davis - Vice President of Engineering

Craig originally joined Aluma Tower Company in 2004 as a Mechanical Engineer and Designer. He has held a number of key management positions at Aluma Tower including Assistant General Manager, Engineering Configurations Manager, and Operations Manager. Craig brought a keen technical expertise to our product lines from the experiences he gained from working at IBM, Raymond Forklifts, and Freedom Plastics. Since joining Aluma Tower, Craig has helped implement innovations such as the patented unguyed tower system, the patented SMART tower solution, and the C-130 capable “Scorpion” mobile tower system. These products have set the stage for Aluma Tower to continue to lead the industry and become the premiere provider of aluminum towers and mobile deployable platforms worldwide. In his current role, Craig will drive operations towards a more efficient and streamlined function. These efforts will include the implementation of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma, utilization and scale of the company’s ERP system, and strict inventory management. By working closely with the entire operations team, Craig will ensure that quality, safety, efficiency, and on-time delivery are achieved. Craig holds his AAS degree in Mechanical Engineering from SUNY and is completing his BS degree in Organizational Management at Indian River State College. He is a forward thinker, and possesses a wealth of tribal knowledge in all facets of our business. Craig continues to help the company set and reach their goals.


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