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Over a Century of Success and Still Focusing on the Future

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      Anderson International Corp, based in Stow, Ohio, was founded nearly 130 years ago. They are the World Leader in Liquid/Solid Separation Technology. The company specializes in equipment and processes that separate fluids that are non-compressible from compressible material, in two distinct areas of extraction. The first is extraction from vegetable seeds, so seeds such as canola and soybean. Anderson developed and patented machinery that crushes the seeds of these plants and separate the oil. Their equipment also dewaters and dries synthetic rubber. In a similar fashion to the oil extraction, they are able to remove water from rubber and then through a second process, they dry the rubber. “Most of the rubber that comes off of our machines is used to manufacture tires,” notes Len Trocano, President of Anderson International. Anderson’s clients include most global leading brands. 

Then & Now

       In 1888 Mr. Valerius D. Anderson founded the V. D. Anderson Company. Mr. Anderson invented a revolutionary way to obtain oil and fats. His vision produced the continuous mechanical screw press that is still the working basis of all mechanical screw presses today. In 1893, Mr. Anderson built a small manufacturing plant which also happened to be the first manufacturing plant built west of downtown Cleveland. In the early 1900’s Mr. Anderson sold his first presses in Europe. About mid-century, he adjusted these presses to extract water from synthetic rubber. This was the beginning of Anderson International’s two-sided business model. Anderson International now employs 120 people at their facility in Stow. Over 60 percent of their employees work on manufacturing and production. The other 40 percent focus on engineering, project management, research and development and sales. Housed in their 120,000-sq. ft. manufacturing facility are CNC machines, 3, 4, and 5 axis milling machines, one of the largest CNC slant bed lathes in North America, and many types of welding technologies.
       Today Anderson not only designed and manufactures their equipment; they can design and engineer the entire processing sections of a plant for its customers including 3D plant layouts, PLC control systems, motor control centers, Process & Instrumentation Diagrams as well as on site commissioning. They are the one stop shop for customer’s green field sites eliminating the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers. Anderson has established many partnerships with OEMs that supply up-stream and down-stream equipment such as Pre-processing equipment, conveyor systems and pack-aging systems making it a very easy and streamlined process for its customers who are given one point of contact from project initiation to plant commissioning.

Over a Century of Success

       Anderson machines are considered, “the Cadillac” of the extraction industry. Their machines are built to last. In fact, Anderson machines are so well-known, that although their machine, Expeller®, is theirs and even trademarked, even their competitor’s machines are known as “expellers.” Anderson’s Expeller® has a life-span of about 60 years. Extracting water from synthetic rubber is a highly technology-based process and Anderson International’s process knowledge and expertise is what sets them apart from every competitor. “We speak the language of the customer. We know what they are trying to do, whether it is on the vegetable oil side or the rubber side. We are able to assist them from a process-knowledge standpoint, improving customer outputs which allows them to be profitable in whatever it is that they are doing,” states the President of the company. Process Engineers at Anderson spend endless hours interfacing with clients figuring out their needs and providing the solution that best addresses all of their concerns. Because of their expert knowledge, customers call on Anderson for technical process support even when they are not running Anderson Equipment. Customers continuously rave about their superior customer service and knowledge. “Our competitors simply do not have the technical ‘know-how’ to get their customers through difficult times,” states Mr. Trocano. Anderson is also ISO 9001:2008 With Design certified, but even more impressively, they became one of the first companies to become ISO 9001:2015 With Design certified. This shows their great commitment to quality management and processes.

Focusing on the Future

      Anderson believes that to continue their success they will become more specialized. In order to be a leader in the global market they will focus on their true core competencies. To do this, Anderson believes developing their technology will be key. They are focused on increased process training with their employees, developing the next generation of technical experts and industry leaders.

Strategic Partnerships

       NOREC Automation is one of Anderson International’s key partners, providing control system hardware and services to enable integration of Anderson International and third-party equipment into a seamless process line control system solution. Operational advantages this approach delivers to Anderson International’s customers include the ability to monitor and control all line equipment from a centralized Human Machine Interface (HMI) and a similar look-and-feel for all local HMI’s. The maintenance advantages include improved diagnostics, common program structures, and standardized document formats, all contributing to a decrease in process downtime.
       Partnering with NOREC Automation has also allowed Anderson International to offer a number of control system platforms to respond to customer preferences and to handle the controls requirements of a number of very large projects simultaneously without having to maintain a large internal controls staff. “NOREC Automation has helped us cost-effectively address the diverse requirements of our global customer base,” according to Len Trocano, President of Anderson International Corporation. “We’ve also realized reduced installation and startup durations for our international projects due to the high quality of NOREC’s systems, documentation and technical personnel.”
      Rosemont is a strategic supplier to Anderson International for their instrumentation require-ments. Anderson utilizes a wide range of, and configurations of pressure, temperature and flow instrumentation, for all of which Rosemont has been our key supplier. Rosemont’s ability to configure, certify and respond in an exceptional and timely manner has had a great impact in our ability to meet our customers’ needs of precision instrumentation and delivery time frames.
       GearTec has and continues to be a key supplier of gearing for Anderson International Corp. “Quality and delivery of key components allows us to satisfy our customers and GearTec’s performance plays an important role in allowing us to do that.”

Trade Associations

Anderson International is a proud member of several trade associations. These associations are:

IISRP – International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers

The purposes of the Institute are to actively promote and further the interests of manufacturers of synthetic rubber polymers and the interests of the public in manufacturing, engineering, safety, environmental control, transportation, international trade, and other matters of concern to the synthetic rubber industry. Incorporated in 1960 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, its members represent more than 90% of the global synthetic rubber capacity.

AOCS – American Oil Chemists’ Society

AOCS advances the science and technology of oils, fats, surfactants and related materials, enriching the lives of people everywhere.
Anderson is also part of the Summit County manufacturing network (a group of about 20 local manufacturers). Members meet once a month to share their best practices and work on recruiting and talent pipelines.

Community Involvement

     Over the past few years, Anderson has focused on working closely with local high schools and colleges. Not only do they go into the schools and teach interview classes and assist with résumé preparation, but they also conduct tours of their facility to show what modern-day manufacturing is like. Many people have a misconception of what manufacturing is like now-a-days. People envision working in a dark, miserable, environment when in fact, it is the complete opposite! Students are also allowed to shadow their staff for a day, which is another unique opportunity. Anderson wants to break the negative stigma that sometimes follows manufacturing and show how this career path is fun, rewarding, and allows for many advancement opportunities. Anderson offers its employees a full benefits package including 100% company paid medical premiums, 401K with company match and college tuition reimbursement for its employees.
       Anderson also cares about what its employees care about. “All of our employees are passionate about some charity and we support that. We hold functions to raise either funds or awareness towards the causes and charities that our employees are passionate about,” describes Carla Fitzpatrick, the Business Strategy Coordinator for Anderson International Corp.
       Manufacturing has undergone many changes and faced many challenges in the 130 years since Mr. Valerius D. Anderson founded the V. D. Anderson Company. Maintaining such a stellar reputation for such a prolonged period of time would not be possible without the unwavering commitment of a truly amazing team. There can be no doubt that Mr. Anderson is smiling as he is looks down and sees how the entire staff at Anderson International continue to honor their company’s heritage by not only building machines that exceed the expectations of their customers but also maintain a strong vision towards the future by continuous ongoing development of their technology, mentoring the next generation and being passionate about their community.
“With over a century of service, the mission of Anderson International is to create an environment whereby all who interact with us experience a time honored relationship built on Trust, Value and Loyalty.” Exactly as Mr. Valerius D. Anderson intended.



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