Boyd Excavating

It all started with one employee and one truck and a dream, now with a staff that exceeds 60 Boyd Excavating is truly a small business success story. 

Boyd Excavating, which is centrally located in the heart of Moosomin as well as Regina, Saskatchewan, prides itself on being the pinnacle of construction-related shopping. Whether you’re looking for a basement excavation or gas construction, President Tyler Boyd says his incredible and wide-ranging company not only has the manpower, but the talent to pull it off.
Boyd Excavating was officially established in the year of 2007, and the founder, who is merely 24, states that the company has rapidly been growing every year after. “This is what I’ve always wanted to do,” he says. “I started by myself, one hoe, taking on everything that I could.” In early 2009, Boyd Excavating garnered a hotel-client that wanted them to dig in their basement. That job lasted a little under a year, and was a big enough project to get the entire company off the ground. At first they only had two employees and in less than one month, they had over 25.
“That was kind of the turning point for us,” Boyd says. In 2010, Boyd Excavating curved another angle when they expanded, buying out the company Regina. At this point, the business is mostly residential and industrial, as well as a little bit of oilfield. The company truly loves to stand out. Boyd states that Boyd Excavating has a number of unique characteristics that make them stand out from the construction crowd.
For one, the equipment is always high-grade, top of the line material that is only the best. In addition to high quality, the company has also recently acquired Stone Slinger trucks, which are incredibly effective machines that can place material precisely, safely, and fast.
For two, Boyd claims that the he is the main foreman of every project, putting a bit of his own heart into each excavation. With an employee roster of only 60, the company is still small and Boyd is always working alongside them, ensuring excellence. “I was out on the end of a shovel this morning,” he recalls.
For three, Boyd Excavating makes sure to take extra steps and precautions that other large companies may skip to keep down expenditures.
When it comes to seeking out and choosing the right employees, Boyd states that the company is quite picky. “We don’t send out just anybody and everybody,” he explains. “We’re pretty picky. In the end it’s our client who has to deal with them if they’re no good.”
When interviewing a new candidate, Boyd states that experience is key, but there’s more to that. “In guys I look for honesty,” he says. “You can teach somebody how to move dirt, or how to do things the way you want. But you can’t teach them to be honest, nor can you teach them to be loyal. It’s just in them or it’s not.”
The Vice President of Boyd Excavating started at the company as a truck driver with no particular experience in the excavating business, but Boyd claims he saw a vast amount of potential, not only in his hard work, but his soul. The man was honest, innovative, and understood his role in the business. Trusting his judgment and character, this man was hired by Boyd to be his right-hand man for the company.
The employee-company relationship at Boyd Excavating is as strong as the company’s integrity. Boyd says he spends a fair amount of time with his people, working with them every day and often playing hockey or snowboarding with them in the off-hours. His crew is relatively young, so he can relate well. “I’m younger, so sometimes I have to go the extra mile to earn their respect, and I feel I do that,” he says. “Today I was driving a truck, and an hour later I was shovelling. I do whatever needs doing.”
Receiving quick imbursement is the chief industry trial modeled to Boyd Excavating, and to battle this they select duties prudently. In addition to that, they also offer discounts. When bidding for a job, they will submit a price, but also suggest a condensed rate if customers can pay within an evident timeframe. “A lot of people go for that,” Boyd explains.
Those kinds of enticements help the business earn regulars, as well as bring together permanent relationships, but Boyd says the effort eventually has to defend it. “At the end of the day it’s quality,” he says. “You have to have a good crew and a good name.”
Boyd Excavating has not gone ignored within the area. In its comparatively small business life, the corporation has been nominated for several industry awards. They were finalists for a local APEX Award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year as well as for a regional Paragon Award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year. The last reward was awarded in Regina, which is where the company has been doing a lot of its work over the past few years. The company was also Federally recognized through Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.
“That kind of let us know we’re on the right track,” Boyd says. “It’s very nice to be recognised. I think it’s great for the employees, to work for an award winning company. It creates a bit of pride, and pride is good when you’re focused on quality. You want people to have pride, and take pride in their equipment and their work.”
In the future, Boyd utters that the business will go wherever the client wants them to go. “Right now we’re just keeping on keeping on,” he says. “We like where we’re at, we like the customers that we have.” One subdivision Boyd would enjoy exploring is gravel and sand, but Boyd still urges the importance of the customer’s choices. “If they pay well, we’ll expand to do more services for that client,” he says. ”We’ll expand our services to look after the clients who have looked after us in the past.”

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