The Story of Southern Heritages Home

A family tradition. At Southern Heritage, building homes isn’t a job – it’s an art form that changes a family’s quality of life. 

The grandfather of Michael Phelps, was a builder of homes and his father was a builder as well. In fact, the very builder that affiliated with Bowen Family Homes is found throughout homes in the American south, particularly the states of Georgia, Texas and Florida. As a young boy, Phelps grew-up working in all aspects of the home-building industry, and after moving away and going on to graduate from the prestigious Alabama school, Auburn University, it was natural that he would return to his home state of Georgia to take-up a lifelong job with the family business. After graduating, Phelps did do this, and stayed in his hometown for a short period of time, working for his family, but there was something still prodding him. He decided that before he was going to settle down, he wanted to be his own boss, blaze his own trail on the expert path to success – and so he left home again.
Over three years ago, Michael Phelps established his own business, Southern Heritage Homes. He now leads a highly successful construction firm that accommodates to the unique tastes of southern home owners by complementing definitive architectural styles of the South in combination with the cutting-edge knowledge and methods he’d learned about the technological as well as contemporary era. Southern Heritage Homes has a uniqueness about it in that it is simply elegant without being too pretentious. You’ll get old-style architectural essentials like gables, stone work, brick front, vinyl window treatments, truss applications as well as innovations in heating, air-conditioning and pre-wiring for cable or internet services. “My whole approach to building is to give the customer what they want, and then even more … and deliver something that I am proud to put my name on, proud to stand by, and build a house that holds to standards I would have for a house that I would live in,” says founder, Phelps.
To further Phelps’ mission, Southern Heritage has made it a standard practice to source and apply elements that impart a higher quality to a home environment, whether it’s in the material used for flooring or some other unnoticeable architectural aspect. “We use highly efficient and highly engineered products in all we do,” states Phelps proudly. As part of the building process, the Southern Heritage family also conducts a quality testing to measure homes for heating/air efficiency or detect leaks in ductwork that would weaken the home’s overall efficiency. Phelps has additionally commenced training in the building of Earth Craft homes, which reflects the efficiency and eco-friendly standards advanced by the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association. Phelps declares proudly that while the incorporation of some “green” nuances may eventually result in minor costs at first, but homeowners will eventually see that the cost pays itself off many times over in the long-term from inferior utility bills.
As a personal and hands-on builder, Phelps is involved in every single building project to the point that he considers each home as a personal art project. “Sometimes, larger companies outsource everything and are not directly engaged in the project, but I keep my hands on everything and am involved in every project we take on,” says Phelps, going on to say that this way of designing homes not only helps ensure his company by producing the quality for which he is determined to be distinguished, but a personal fulfillment as well. Southern Heritage Homes can be found throughout the Metro Atlanta area, which includes Daniel Creek, Cypress Spring and Sugar Hill.
In terms of where the company plans to move in the future, owner and designer Michael Phelps envisions a special day, where Southern Heritage will extend into markets throughout the Southeast, such as Alabama and Texas. “That’s the goal,” says Phelps in an inspiring and thoughtful way, but for now his focus is to capitalize on opportunities offered throughout the Atlanta area, which has recently seen a heavy renaissance in home building. Phelps says numerous builders were impacted by the recession of 2008, but he on the other hand experienced a heavy upswing in his sector of the industry. Last year, Southern Heritage sold 17 beautiful and detailed homes, but Phelps states that he forestalls not doubling, but tripling that output this upcoming year.
Southern Heritage continues to build upon their developing legacy, adding capability, quality, and southern hospitality to old-fashioned expertise. There are many investors that should be interested in an emerging home developer that not only cares about the art of home building, but the families that will eventually live in them. To Southern Heritage, building homes isn’t a job – it’s an art form that changes a family’s quality of life. With so many cookie-cutter households sprawling across America, it’s difficult to find something beautiful and quaint, but with the inspiring legacy that Phelps is building and intends to leave behind, more unique and heart-warming homes are sure to grace the southern landscape in the coming years.

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