Spring Hill Properties

A family-run business that merges state-of-the-art energy-efficient technologies and grassroots operations to provide its customers unparalleled quality and value. 

When building quality homes, there may be no greater asset to have on your side than people, Spring Hill Properties LLC Co-Manager Gille Halle says. “That’s how we’ve really been blessed,” he says. “Since we’ve been in the field for our whole lives, we’ve known which subcontractors [to hire]. [You have] to surround yourself with quality people.”
Connecticut based Spring Hill specializes in building homes in its home state. Gille and his brother, President Frank Halle, started the company more than two decades ago after working with their father in the construction industry. Our state-of-the-art construction technologies, top-notch contractors and our family-run, grassroots style of business has allowed us to maintain the highest-quality standards in the business.
“When we were growing up back in the 1960s, while other kids were out playing we were doing drywall” Frank recalls. “As one thing led to another, we started fixing rental properties ourselves.”
For more than 20 years, Spring Hill Properties, LLC has been one of Connecticut’s leading home builders. “We probably average six to eight homes a year,” Gille says. “We have also built several homes for repeat customers”, that is extremely satisfying.
“We have a lot of professors and doctors as clients,” we are in close proximity to the University of Connecticut Frank says, noting that 70 percent of its clients are professionals.
Starting from the ground up Spring Hill makes sure to work closely with its clients Gille says. By doing so, the company makes the customers feel more relaxed about their projects. “It’s very important for us that the customer be comfortable with the entire process”. If you speak to our clients, nine times out of 10, they’ll say they enjoyed building the homes and that their experience was a pleasant one.
Providing its customers a long lead-time and regular access to the project schedule allows them know what decisions need to be made and when. We never have come to the customer and say, ‘I need this decision in a few days,’” Frank says.
Steven Ferrigno with Ferrigno Realtors has been working with Frank and Gille at Beacon Hill Estates for the last 8 or 9 years. As another family-owned company that has a long tradition of serving the local community, the pairing was a natural fit.
“It’s not uncommon to hear of people who have had difficult experiences in new construction, I think the number of repeat customers Spring Hill has built for really speaks volumes about their workmanship and the very clear communication they provide their clients.”
“I really enjoy working with Frank and Gille because I know they are always looking out for their clients’ best interests,” and that makes my job that much easier, Ferrigno says.
“As a realtor, I get to see a lot of different new construction and I’m constantly and continually impressed by the product that Spring Hill produces and how well they keep their clients informed every step along the way.” Repeat customers and a very positive local reputation has been the backbone of much of the success that Spring Hill has enjoyed.
Spring Hill’s current projects include the final phase of Beacon Hill Estates, a subdivision in Mansfield, Conn., that consists of 17 lots on a 150-acre community. The first phase is “two-thirds sold out by now,” Gille says.
Tom Boyle, a sales associate that represents Spring Hill, agrees. “There’s no subdivision around that competes with Beacon Hill Estates,” he says. “It’s gorgeous and it’s above anything else that’s being offered.”
Beacon Hill’s units feature raised panels and many other interior and exterior trim details. “That’s what sets us apart from the rest. We go out of our way to do a lot of special features with the finish trims.”
Additionally, the company’s portfolio also includes Bidwell Village, an active adult community in located nearby in the town of Coventry, Conn. It’s designed with all of the high-end features, the same level of quality as Beacon Hill, but more modestly sized.
Planned for tenants ages 55 and over, the single-level homes feature wide open floor plans and are fully handicap accessible, Boyle adds. They are also very maintenance free, so people have the freedom to travel or do whatever makes them happy without the worry of home maintenance,” he says. “They’re not tied down with that burden.”
Spring Hill is a recognized leader in green practices within the industry, Gille says. “We were one of the first general contractors in Connecticut to be ENERGY STAR certified,” he recalls.
Right from the beginning, they knew that green would be important. “We were always insulating our houses above and beyond what was required.” As a basic part of its packages, Spring Hill offers the ENERGY STAR certification on all its builds, which adds another level of efficiency for its clients.
Using techniques developed and perfected throughout the years, Spring Hill has been able to achieve incredibly tight homes with blower-door test results near those of spray-foam insulated homes at a much lower cost to the customer. With “Green Homes” representing the future, customers will begin to notice additional solar and geothermal features, Gille says.
As always, Spring Hill will continue its tradition of being open and allowing their clients unrestricted access to their home during the entire construction process. “We always ask our customers to come as often as they can on the job site,” he says. “We want them to enjoy the process of building the home.”

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