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Since 2008, Telecommunications Technical Services (TTS) has been pushing the envelope in wireless systems solutions. The company came on the scene where cell phones are a fixture in everyone’s pocket, and today is forging ahead in advanced technologies like the internet of things, and 5G networks.

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To say a lot has changed in the wireless industry in over 8 years of TTS’ existence is a gross understatement. The number of devices online and the amount of data the world requires to be processed on a daily basis has skyrocketed. Where some companies struggle to keep up with the speed at which the industry travels, TTS is sticking to a plan it expects will take them far into the future of wireless communications. 

The plan, Senior Vice President Pascal Gagnon said, is to retain its family atmosphere, keep the customer as the main focus and to grow “wider.”
“The future of the company is to grow by keeping the quality that we offer, but to a wider range of customers in the telecom industry,” Gagnon goes on to say. “We want to grow at a pace that is manageable, avoid taking any steps backwards, and to keep our eye on the future.”

TTS serves some of the largest wireless carriers in the world including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. It also serves tech firms like Nokia and Ericsson and has expanded to bring government agencies, private companies and others under its umbrella.

The world of wireless is transitioning from one where the phone companies and tech giants are the primary customers in need of wireless solutions, to one where companies never expected to be in the business of wireless have a need for the kind of services that TTS provides.

For example, this year TTS broadened its client base to include a number of railroad clients, Tower companies and IT Providers. From here, Gagnon says, TTS will continue to cast a wider net out into the world where companies of all shapes and sizes are seeking wireless solutions.

As TTS eyes growth, it has a vested interest in keeping its internal family environment and culture, and its external focus on customer service.

“We choose our employees and train them to be as dedicated to the company as we are as executives. We look for people who want to grow with us, who are looking for longevity and who want to be part of our family. President Keith Marshall leads TTS with the following core values; Integrity, Loyalty, Honesty, Wisdom, Dedication and Professionalism and he constantly refers to these words in our everyday interaction with our employees, Gagnon states.”

“Running a company like TTS requires building a staff with a wide range of skills and abilities. Though the company employs people from tower climbers to construction managers to field technicians and project directors, each are treated as a valued member of a team. As a service company, the quality of our employees is so important for our customers’ satisfaction and company’ success. We have good structured and efficient processes in place that ensure we stay connected and organized so that our customers feel like they are supported throughout an entire project cycle, Gagnon says with a smile.”
A source of pride for TTS is its regular response from customers validating its success in customer service.

“One customer told us they’ve never worked with a company that is structured like ours,” Gagnon explains. “They told us they are learning how to train their own employees by watching how our employees work in the field.”

Just as important as choosing its people wisely, TTS aims to choose its partners wisely, only working with the best of the best.

“We’re always looking for partners with high quality material and high quality people,” Gagnon says. “We look at how good their management people are, how well their employees deal with us, the pricing, the timing, how equipped they are to face short schedules and deliver in a short period of time.”

Teaming up with the right partners has helped TTS forge ahead in areas like the internet of things and 5G wireless networks. The company has become one of the first to deploy microcell sites in the US, a step in growing the internet of things and making more ordinary objects “smart.” Those microcell sites can be added to things like light poles and billboards, bringing the internet, data or voice communications closer to people wherever they are.

TTS has been providing wireless solutions for 8 years all that while adding and evolving solutions to accommodate an industry that moves at lightning speeds.

As wireless networks continue to grow, more objects continue to come online, and TTS continues to stick to its plan of operating like a family, keeping its customer at the center of its focus, and growing itself wider at a steady, manageable pace, the future seems to be nothing but bright.


Additional Information


Keith Marshall - President and CEO 

Mr. Marshall possesses over 20 years of experience in the Telecommunications Engineering Industry. Starting with his experience in the U.S. Air Force Satellite and Microwave Engineering division, he developed his knowledge of wireless networks and technologies. Mr. Marshall furthered his expertise at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA as an Electrical Engineer major specializing in Telecommunications. He has been a Subject Matter Expert for over 12 years on various Technologies; including 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, Small Cell, DAS, Microwave and Satellite technologies. Having been involved in network and product development for such companies as Nokia, Ericsson, Raycap and several others; Mr. Marshall has a proven record of creating the procedures used by Engineers and Field Technicians nationwide on the most up to date technology in Telecommunications upgrades and new hardware roll-outs. Having founded TTS in 2008, Mr. Marshall has constructed a phenomenal team of professionals and continues to lead the industry in a positive and definitive manner with his desire to understand all evolutions of new technology in the industry.





Elizabeth Lodge - Chief Financial Officer
Mrs. Lodge has over 30 years of experience in various financial roles across multiple disciplines. With extensive experience in management and accounting related fields she is the leader of financial planning and direction within the organization. She has extensive experience in a hospital setting, the transportation industry, property management and the telecommunications industry. Being able to pull from multiple areas of expertise helps her keep the organization running effectively. Worldwide Telecommunication markets and our nationwide financial economy drive Mrs. Lodge’s ideals.







Pascal Gagnon - Senior Vice President
Mr. Gagnon draws from 30 years of experience in the Wireless Service Provider Industry where he has occupied several positions from Technician to Director while deploying Wireless Networks, Transmission Networks and Training for major Canadian Wireless carriers. Amongst some of his greatest achievements; Mr. Gagnon, who is a long term visionary created a joint venture between Telecommunications Technical Services (TTS) and Southern Tower Telecom (STT) a tower service company. This association allowed TTS to offer our customers an all–inclusive service solution which includes; Installation, Commissioning, Integration, Support and Training. With his primary focus at TTS being the people that make up the growing organization, Mr. Gagnon cultivates our teams in a positive manner to create a wonderful, productive workplace.






R. Douglas Barker - Vice President
​Mr. Barker possesses over 15 years of experience in the Telecommunications Industry. As a proven leader of major telecommunications service corporations, Mr. Barker has successfully led initial build-outs of wireless networks as well as full market upgrades to existing systems. His professionalism coupled with his thirst for constant education relating to new wireless systems, processes and procedures has made him an invaluable asset to wireless build-outs nationally.








Michel Elkas - Head of Business Development
Mr. Elkas proudly joined Telecommunications Technical Services in January of 2015 as Director of Marketing and Head of Business Development, overseeing the rapid growth and expansion of its National Market Operations with a primary focus on new services and strategic alliances and partnerships and solutions. Successively, he has lead TTS to new strategic joint development effort with various flagships accounts and world leaders in the telecommunications area.








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